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By 15 September 2016case

The design and build of a process and wastewater treatment plant

The client
The Client is a company operating in the agro-industrial sector. More specifically it operates within the preserved food industry, specialising in tomato processing, from fresh product to semi-finished and finished products.
Semi-finished products can be 200kg containers, or 1200kg bigbags, filled through an aseptic system, which allows preservation. Afterwards, the raw material can be processed to obtain the finished product (cans, bottles and other type of packaging available on the market). Finished products, however, must be intended as tomato juice concentrates (at different level of concentration) and tomato cubes/pulp.

The challenge
Being new to the market, our client required a complete turn-key facility for the production of process water and the treatment of wastewater.

Our solution
Due to our extensive knowledge of the agro-industrial sector’s production cycle, VWS Italia was able to supply a turn-key plant involving three different phases of the process: the purifying, the wastewater treatment and the tomato conveyancing. All the wastewater streams produced by the production cycle, and treated by the plant, are recycled into the process to convey and wash the tomatoes, allowing a considerable water saving. A further benefit the recovery and condensation of the steam produced during the tomato processing. This step actually allows the reuse of water coming from the tomato processing, which avoids waste and optimizes the available sources.


  • Inlet: 900 mc/h
  • Year: 2009
Parameters Value
Flow rate900 m3/h
Pop. Eq 170000 pop.eq COD 865 mg/l
BOD5 476 mg/l TDS 1500 mg/l
Parameters Value
COD 160 mgO2/l*
BOD540 mgO2/g
TDS80 mg/l
Parameters Value
Flow rate400 m3/h
COD100 mgO2/l*
BOD520 mgO2/g
TDS40 mg/l

Solutions & Technologies
Raw water plant