Being an industry where large quantities of water are used, the pulp & paper is a key sector for the application of IDRAFLOT®.
IDRAFLOT® can be applied for the process water treatment (pre-treatment or tertiary treatment), and for the separation of fibers and suspended solids in the wastewater treatment.

Typical applications:

  • Wastewater Treatment Process Pre-treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment Process Tertiary Treatment (P removal)
  • Wastewater Treatment Process Sludge Thickening
  • MBBR Post treatment Sludge Separation
  • Rain water, floor cleaning
  • Pure Water and Wastewater Filter Back Wash treatment
Paper Cellulose and Fiber Separation, Cardboard, Cellulose recovery
High quality Paper (Money) Cellulose and Fiber Separation, Printing (Money)
Soft Paper Cellulose and Fiber Separation
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