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IDRASCREEN® for brewery wastewater: separation of solids

By 30 April 2019case, food, home

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Customer’s needs
To treat the wastewater coming from the production of its beer, the client commissioned an anaerobic treatment plant to Biothane, the Veolia company specialized in aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment. Before entering the anaerobic plant, the wastewater coming from the beer production process needs to be filtered in order to separate larger particles like spent grains, paper labels, plastics etc.

The Solution provided
To ensure a high level of operational reliability for their anaerobic wastewater treatment plant, the client chose the proven Idrascreen fine screening technology. The unit supplied to the client is an ECO 6212 self cleaning rotating screen with screen opening of 1 mm. The flow rate is 6000 m3/day.

The Solution achieved
The solution achieved an efficient screening of solids and other foreign materials that may obstruct or impact downstream processes with low investment and operating costs. Moreover IDRASCREEN® unit is able to reduce the clogging phenomena, high capacity with very small footprint and maintain long life with little or no maintenance.