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Catering food industry: vegetable washing wastewater

By 8 July 2019case, food, home

The Client is a leading company in the production of food specialties for professional catering in Italy.

Customer’s needs
Main request from the Client is to reduce the pollutants concentration, particularly TSS and particulate COD, before the biological AS treatment plant.

The Solution provided
The unit supplied to the Client is an IDRAFLOT® type IFS 100. IDRAFLOT® compact DAF units are designed for an optimal process stability and effective performances achievable thanks to their innovative modular design and patented water mixing device which allow to exploit the whole surface of the tank.

The unit’s tank is designed with a series of modules. This allows for an optimal distribution of the air throughout the unit. Replicating the same module along the whole structure of the unit gives benefits also in terms of consistency and reliability of the treatment process. A tank designed by modules allows the distribution of the air along the whole surface of the unit and from both sides, instead of from only one point at the entrance, as in conventional DAF systems. In the IDRAFLOT IFS units each module acts as a double flotation unit.

The Solution achieved
Main benefit are a very high thickening and clarification grade with the highest removal efficiency on suspended solids, oils and grease and not soluble COD, and the lowest chemicals consumption within the category.